Has Africa’s time finally come?

Africa RisingAlbert Einstein, the father of modern physics came up with the theory of relativity, which at its finest, resulted in man landing on the moon.

A simple definition of this theory in our practical day to day living is that we see things relative to the others. In other words, if the chicken crosses the road, did the chicken really cross the road or the road moved under the chicken.

Or, if Chuck Norris does push ups, is he really moving up and down or, in his awesomeness, he pushes the earth down and up?!

We have also made much of the fact that some people are light and others dark but the only reason the light ones are light is because of the presence of the dark ones and vice versa. If we were all one colour, there would neither be black, white, yellow, navy blue, etc.; we would just be human.

And this is where I drive my point home. Isaac Newton said that if he had seen further, it was because he had stood on the shoulder of giants.

We are what we are and where we are as a result of the global effort of different nationalities and races. No one race or nationality can claim credit for everything it possesses. That is why any approach that is based on segregation ultimately crumbles; we were never meant to function, as human beings in a vacuum.

Throughout history, we have seen the rise of different kingdoms, from the Jewish, Persian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, British,Japanese, German, American and to now the Chinese Empire. The question is, which empire was better and can say all it has was a result of nothing but its own isolated technology, philosophy and science?

All these empires, kingdoms and nationalities are were they are because of what their predecessors passed on to them.

The world has become a global village and the world is moving towards integration. Every people, race, nationality and continent must sit at the global table and present what its contribution is to the advancement of human kind, but while that is happening, let not one say to the other we are better than you and we don’t need you. Remember, did the chicken cross the road or the road crossed the chicken. Wait; even if it crossed the road, another chicken gave birth to that chicken and most likely that chicken is a result of generations of cross breeds. So ultimately, does it matter that this particular chicken finally crossed the road, or the fact that the chicken race, represented by this chicken, finally crossed the road?

If we all reach out and try to find each other, and our various contributions towards our future as humanity, there would be less wars, hunger and starvation in the world.

Let us celebrate our diversity and recognise each other as equals; none superior; none inferior. If inequalities persist, they must be corrected, not because of inferiority or superiority but simply because of humanity.

The fact that I was born earlier than my daughter, who is four months old, does not mean I can brag and say I know more than her and therefore I am smarter. Maybe one day she will prove to be smarter than I am; its just a matter of time.

My last thought is this; we have learnt that a seed can withstand all sorts of punishing physical elements, without dying or germinating, but dormant because the conditions are not yet right. In this case, chronological time does not actually matter nor say anything; it’s all about the conditions not being hospitable or right for it to germinate. All it takes is one day,when the rain falls, for that same seed to turn into a tree. The trees that germinated long before this one can therefore not say, this one was weaker; it all had to do with the timing (kairos) and not the kronos (time).

This perspective is critical in understanding humanity.

It explains why empires rose when they rose and fell when they did but it was not all about who is the smarter people.

Much has been said about Africa and Africans being sleeping giant but we have not had such unprecedented focus on us before, for economic reasons. Ten of the thirteen fastest growing economies are in Africa.

We have leading innovators and some of the word’s richest people hailing from Africa. Even through the ages, our contribution to society has been remarkable already. But has Africa’s kronos finally come? Is it now the season of the rise of the African Game Changer?

And this is my understanding of Einstein’s theory of relativity, from a layman’s perspective.


Game Changers II: The Greater Than Principle

One of the most thought provoking quotes I have ever heard reads as follows, “It is not in the nature of the oppressor to give the oppressed freedom. Rather, the oppressed must demand their freedom.”

Then in Physics I learnt about the Laws of Friction, one of which states, “To every movement, there is an equal and opposing force.”  This implies that for movement to occur, the force in the intended direction of movement must be greater than the resisting force of friction.

In church I heard, “Unless your righteousness is greater than that of the Pharisees, you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven”

Big and small 3Lastly, I give you the famous one, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters.”

Can you see a pattern forming here? I can clearly see a pattern which I have named The Greater Than Principle. And a game changer needs to master The Greater Than Principle.

In the original Game Changers article, I pointed out two of the hallmarks of a game changer, namely, refusal to accept the status quo and a dogged determination to change it once they are convinced they are onto something. But what I forgot to mention is that in the course of the game, change will not be handed to you on a silver platter; it will be contested, and sometimes to the death.

It is a natural law. Change is so crucial that it will be heavily contested. And by us choosing to be game changers, we put ourselves in a spot where we become prime targets for resistance. This is just a natural law, so do not take it personally when, as you embark on your project to bring change in your league, you face resistance from people, circumstances and even luck!

match 4The issue is not whether or not you will face challenges as you attempt to change your game; that’s a given. The issue is, is your fight greater than the fight coming against you? This is where the men are separated from the boys. We call it staying power. We can all talk and even roll our sleeves to start on an ambitious project to change the game but few will eventually follow through to the end and harvest the rewards. No wonder then most people in life are perfect averages; it is tough being a game changer. Only game changers alter the course of events decisively.

See, it’s very interesting to note that after embarking on the journey of changing the game with much pomp and flair, when we get discouraged by circumstances and people, we become bitter and then feel like the world owes us something. We reason that what we are doing will benefit humanity after all, so why can’t it be easier for us to just set things in motion and change the game smoothly?

victory 3Oh but we forget that change will be contested. Something priced will always be contested, be it money, power, a life partner, a dream job or whatever else we can think of. But when the going gets tough, the true game changers get going! Bon Voyage!

Upcoming Projects

I have written a couple of articles now and I must say the response has been quite encouraging, thank you guys!

Sometimes I ask myself why I write. I have realized that it is just a passion that has been with me since I was a kid. With time it has only grown stronger but the difference is, there is now substance and purpose to it. I want to make my own contribution to humanity and hopefully inspire someone to change the game in their life that must be changed, while being a game changer myself.

Next Monday I will publish “Game Changers II” and soon after that a very riverting instalment of “Sexual Energy”. You don’t want to miss these two!

Happy blogging!