The Origins of Evil

LightIn physics, we learn that you can’t measure “cold” but you can definitely measure “heat”. In other words, cold is defined relative to heat, for it is the absence of heat.

That explains why you have subzero temperatures like -30 degrees, etc. So the cold is not exactly an entity by itself in that it cannot exist alongside heat. The moment heat is introduced, the cold vanishes. While we have sources of heat, can you tell me what the source of cold is?

The same concept is seen with light and darkness. Light has a source but who can tell me what the source of darkness is? I can tell you what the sources of light are; the sun, electricity bulbs, candles, etc, but what is that one thing that broadcasts or emits darkness?

However, the moment the light goes out,darkness pervades. So darkness is not an active entity; light is. Darkness is simply the absence of light. While we can measure light, we can’t measure darkness. Why? Because darkness is actually, simply, the absence of light.

Lastly, what happens when the sun “goes” down? You are right, the earth simply moves away from the source of light and becomes dark and cold. But there is actually no source of darkness or cold i.e some dark sun that emits darkness and cold as part of the 24 hour rotation of the earth.

So it is with evil. Did God create evil, since He is the Creator of everything and in Him all things consist? A resounding no!

How come then, we have evil in this world? What are the origins of evil?

Well, I will tell you my opinion. Evil was not created; it is simply the result of the absence of the light and heat of an entity called The Creator.

Whenever, anyone or anything turns away from the righteousness and light that the Source, namely God, emits, the result is a state of being called evil. Evil is only defined in relation to good and God is that Source of good, light and righteousness.

That explains why, when lucifer turned away from God, he transformed into satan. God created lucifer but he never created satan. satan was a result of lucifer turning away from the light and heat of God’s love and righteousness.

Turning away from the light of God and subsequently becoming evil was a choice that lucifer and his angels made, out of their own freewill and they became who they became. What they decided to do with their new state of separation from the Source of light was their choice and as a result, we have evil pervading the world.

The same applies to man. When we turn away from God, evil is the result. What we see in this world, are just manifestations of evil but if I were to ask you to define evil, you would give me examples of evil but not evil itself, and do you know why? Because evil is the absence of God’s light and righteousness.

This explains why things that we might not consider evil, or that we might not see why they are wrong could still be regarded as evil by God. It has got nothing to do, per se, with the deed itself but everything to do with the absence of God’s righteousness.

And when a person turns to the Source of light, namely God, through Jesus Christ, they experience the light of God and evil has to depart. That explains why there is righteousness, healing, love, forgiveness and prosperity in Christ. So the important thing here is that everyone has a choice to embrace the Light and stay warm and in the light, or turn away and face the coldness of darkness. And we know what to expect in the darkness. There is a reason satan is referred to as the prince of darkness.

So then, here is the conclusion, as I see it:

Evil is the absence of God’s Righteousness.

By Raymond Kasinganeti.

( Thoughts distilled from the God on Trial Series at City Life Church in a sermon by Adrian Wright, subsequent discussions with, Lindi Zulu and my own understanding of physics)


Game Changers: Inspiration to change your world

Game Changers CoverIn Game Changers, Raymond presents his ground breaking philosophy on the art of changing the game. He also uses his personal experience to illustrate how this approach helped him win victory out of crushing defeat. Skilfully weaving his theory through business, academia, sport, religion, politics, nature and even cosmology, he makes a compelling case for the need to leave a legacy. Raymond pays homage to the current rising of Africa to take its rightful place on the global stage by dedicating the last chapter of this book to the African Transformation cause and the change agents driving it. This book is a must for every aspiring game changer.

African Transformation: Towards a True African Identity II

As important as knowing and giving it a positive evaluation is, the tricky thing is finding your true identity. How do I know for sure that the identity I have or think I have is the one I must have? How do I find my true self; my true identity such that I will be able to live my life from this position of being truthfully informed and aware of my identity? That, my friend, is a very tricky undertaking but first, let’s look at possible culprits shaping our identities.

Family Background and Upbringing

This is the most obvious one. They have even invented all sorts of expressions to explain this one. ‘An apple does not fall far from the tree’ and ‘You are just a chip off the old block’, are a few examples. Whether we like it or not, our family upbringing shapes our perception of self. We have the genes of our parents; we grow up eating the food they cook and we are nurtured in a certain philosophy which will probably ring in our ears for life. Later on in life, when we have our own kids we are shocked to find that we have turned into mom and dad! That is not necessarily a bad thing as long as we don’t use our family background, particularly the really negative aspects, to our detriment. Let me explain.

Have you heard of self-fulfilling prophecies? This is a prophecy you make about yourself and find that it actually comes to pass just as you envisaged it. Generally they are associated with the negative aspects of our lives; I don’t know why. There are positive self-fulfilling prophecies but the question is why self-fulfilling prophecies self fulfil?

If you were raised in a family that struggles in the area of wealth creation for as long as anyone in your family can remember, it’s likely that you grew up being told that you would not amount to much in life. At some point because of both constant and consistent reminders that you will die a pauper and the empirical evidence all around you within the family, you begin to believe it. And once you believe it you begin to say it. Before you know it, you actually begin to act in such a way that you squander opportunities that could have lifted you out of that rut. It becomes a classic case of digging yourself deeper into your hole because you are so focused on your surroundings that you forget to look up and see the sky. That becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

One of my friends was going through a particularly difficult period in his life. We met for coffee and he spent a full hour telling me his problems, how he had traced the same problems through the generations and now could see the same things happening in his life. It was depressing. After I had taken it to my ears I stopped him and told him that was why he was exactly where he was. He believed that what he had was coming from his identity, he could not escape it and he was therefore actively encouraging the same problem in his life. This man had his identity totally messed up. So we had to start from there and try to pry him out of this mental stranglehold.

Unfortunately old habits die hard and one counselling session does not begin to suffice.

The same patterns are repeated in abuse victims, failed marriages, family sicknesses and so forth. If you believe that marriages in your families are not meant to last because of some sort of curse, even when you find a really good partner, you find that you will find something wrong with the relationship, so that at the end of the day you can shout, ‘I knew it would never work! Marriages never work in our family.’ You have assumed the identity of your family.

So it’s very tricky to know for sure that the identity you have is truly yours and not one given to you by your family. But this issue is too important to leave to family.


Depending on what you read, listen to and get attached to, you are likely to start assuming that originator’s identity. A lot of young people have turned into thugs due to excessive influence of music glorifying this thug life. This also goes together with peer pressure and the desire to fit in. In my opinion, we should be well balanced people who are able to listen to anything and critic it before internalising it because we are aware of what it can turn us into especially if it colours our perception of self or makes us feel like we need to assume a new identity.

The influence of literature can be seen in trends, life styles and even religion, depending on the degree of exposure and our ability to filter what we allow to influence us or lack thereof.


This is a seriously big one. There is nothing more powerful than belief. Belief is at the centre of self-fulfilling prophecies, superstitions and even suicide bombings. Of all the things I can think of that shape our identities, religion is high up there. It does not need proof, it just needs you to accept a certain belief and before long, you have totally opened yourself to all that that particular belief system espouses. You then strive continuously to become what that belief system says you must become. You begin to see life and everything associated with it through the lenses of your beliefs. It does not matter that evidence is all around you to the contrary; you still believe.

At the place I stay, there is a really friendly black cat that likes to pay me visits every now and then. Sometimes it gets in through the window and lies on my bed. I will never forget an episode when one of my friends was visiting and this cat strolled in casually and lounged on my couch. There was pandemonium in the house. A black cat in your house, Raymond, and you are so relaxed? No, we need to do something quick! This is a bad omen of impending trouble. About the same time, an owl started to hoot and that was it for my friend. I was living with witches!

Beliefs are powerful.

I could go on and on but I believe I have made my point. It really isn’t that important dwelling on things that possibly shape our identity, if we are not going to get to the crux of the matter; where do you get your true identity that liberates you to be who you really are? This is where it really gets interesting.

And my answer is inside. Not outside. Inside. Not your family. Inside. Not what the preacher said. Inside. Not what your favourite song says. Inside. Not what your friends are saying. Inside. Not what the self help book says. Inside. Not what the popular trends say. Inside. Look inside.

No one can tell you who you are. That is your job. You need to solve this riddle. You need to process this issue. You need to bring this matter to finality. The moment someone steps in with their perceptions, you have just been given an identity. Don’t look to the west or to the east. Look inside you and you will find your true identity waiting for you.

Why do I say that? Let me explain.

The essence of who you are is contained in your spirit and your spirit proceeds from your Creator, God. I don’t have the time to argue with atheists here because I want to make a point. If God created you, surely he knows exactly what He put on the inside of you. He has hidden you in you. Your homework is to dig inside you and find you in you as your Creator intended. He is the one who created you and He is the ONLY one who can give you your true identity.

Are you tired of searching in all the places for your true identity? It’s time to focus on the inside of you and let God reveal to you who you are. So connect with Him. Spend time with your Creator and take time to know yourself.

You will see that things will become clearer. For the first time, you will see that your family’s story is not your story. Your past is not your future. And once you have established your true identity in Him, you have started on the journey of life in earnest. Who you become, going forth, is who you really are and therefore what your recreate on the outside will change to reflect your new-found self.

What I have simply done is to point you in the right direction. The rest, my friend is your job.

Tipping Point

Put on your thinking caps. Let’s start with defining two phrases central to this article namely, tipping point and critical mass.

Tipping point is the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development. The term is said to have originated in the field of epidemiology when an infectious disease reaches a point beyond any local ability to control it from spreading more widely. A tipping point is often considered to be a turning point.

In Physics, Critical Mass is defined as the smallest mass of a fissionable material that will sustain a nuclear chain reaction at a constant level.

Critical Mass can also be defined as an amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur.

In other words, loosely we can say that critical mass is defined as an amount or level needed to reach a tipping point.

And that is where we start from.

When I started my blog, I had no idea I would write fifty articles. I did know though, that I wanted to reach 5000 hits before even considering retirement from blogging. So when I reached that target, I took a break but something strange began to happen. The blog hits continued to climb. It seemed I didn’t need to do anything more to keep the traffic coming to my blog; it had become self sustaining. In other words, it reached critical mass. I have a clean 1000 hits unaccounted for!

The principle of critical mass is one of the most crucial elements that you must master and utilize to your advantage in life because many times it gives birth to another equally important but more spectacular phenomenon; the tipping point principle.

With that in mind two issues promptly develop; where you are now and where you want to be. It is possible that in some cases you find yourself just wanting to reach critical mass. You are not looking for anything spectacular or sensational. All you want is to reach that level of equilibrium where you have a balanced ecosystem, so to speak. This is very likely when you are starting out building new ventures like family, business, church or any other. At the beginning you are not necessarily looking for tipping point. You are looking for critical mass.

But the thing about critical mass is that it takes time to accomplish. Critical mass requires you to take a million small steps, day and night and in some cases year after year, till one day you realize you have achieved it. Small dreams do not require a lot of time and effort to reach critical mass. It is the truly great ones that will demand every drop of sweat you have before they give you critical mass.

And because of that, it is far easier to walk away than to stay. What do you do when you have sat the whole night and you just haven’t got any more strength to continue yet critical mass seems so far away? Are you going to catch a power nap and wake up after a few hours, dragging your battered body back to work for another day of trudging towards critical mass or you will hear the alarm and chose to remain in bed because the load is just too much? You know what? You are right. It’s too much and you will never reach critical mass. But the other guy in the other bedroom is getting up and doing what he needs to do so that when you wish you had stayed the course, he will be doing what he wants to do.

What makes achieving critical mass tricky is not knowing when it will be achieved. The question of when to stop will actually answer itself. Some people have gone on till their death trying to reach critical mass and never achieved it. Others have achieved it in a relatively short space of time. Do you quit or you stubbornly continue? No one can give an answer to that. It boils down to what you believe on the inside. As long as you believe in it, it is always time to keep on keeping on. In other words don’t jump ship as long as you are still convicted in your heart that this is what you should be doing.

Thomas Edison tried 10,000 before finding the right combination to create the first light bulb. I bet after 9000 times a lot of us would say, “Hey, it’s time to face reality. It’s time to quit.” Right now there are trillions of light bulbs in the world used by everyone in every corner of the world. We don’t need Edison anymore, to invent the bulb. Bulbs don’t need him no more! That is the power of critical mass.

And so I look at my own life and assess my achievements. I look at the things that break my heart and those that warm it. I pay attention to my losses and revel in my victories. I look at where I am at and compare with where I want to be. One thing becomes clear. For me, it’s not just critical mass I am looking for. I believe I have achieved it. My life is stable. I feel like everything is where it should be. Every department of my life is poised for the next phase. Positions have been taken and guns have been corked. Anything can happen any moment now. I sense the tension in the air. All the facets of my life are pregnant with expectation. I just can’t wait a second longer. I get ready to pull the trigger to usher in…tipping point.

Tipping point is that point where you might have achieved critical mass and everything is working as it should but you just know you are due for or really need a complete and irreversible reaction in your life. Life will never be the same again. It is tipping point that ushers you into the next phase of your life. It is that one action, the last is a sequence of many that just tips the scales and triggers everything you have dreamed of and more. And I am saying I smell it in the air. It’s my time to experience tipping point!

The mistake that we make is focusing on the tipping point and not on the process before the tipping point. When we see the explosion, naturally our attention is arrested. No one is there to witness the guy who worked the whole day to mix the chemicals and make sure the conditions are right. We look for the guy with the detonator and we make him an instant hero. And somehow we begin to believe we can reach tipping point instantaneously. That is a fallacy.

Tipping point is a result of innumerable and focused decisions that we will make till we reach critical mass and then things tip for good in our favour. The people who have happy marriages; do they have happy marriages because they are so full of love for each other or because they put in the hours and the hard work that might not necessarily be fun to do but necessary for the marriage they want? They plan holidays and save for them the whole year long. And they achieve critical mass.

And so it is with business. You advertise yourself. You pump money into your business. You work long hours. Maybe you can even breakeven but you are not quite making the kind of money you know you want to make. You can stay where you are or you can put that extra effort relentless until you get that one phone call that will change your life for good. We all know that phone call. It is sweet when it comes but extremely nerve wrecking to wait for.

So life gives us plenty of reason not to continue. It give us plenty of reason to continue. The difference is what you choose to see. What project are you working on? Is it getting tough? Do you feel like giving up? Keep on keeping on. Join me and other visionaries as we keep putting in those little grains of sands that will one day tip the scales in our favour and change our lives for good. It might be closer than you think. It might just be one more grain before you reach your tipping point!

African Transformation: Towards a True African Identity I

I admit it. I have been very scarce; in fact too scarce. A lot of things have been taking place in my life and I needed to see them through while developing new material in the process. I guess it was a good break. I like to implement what I write as well and that is the beautiful part about my blog. If there is one person more inspired than everyone else by my writing, it is me. I believe that with all my heart.

And over the past six months I began to separate things that were truly important to me and those that were not. I began to think a lot about the kind of life I wanted to live going forward, my legacy and how I was going to achieve it. I wondered what kind of a wife and family I would want for myself as I prepared for this phase of my life. In short, I did a lot of soul searching to answer this question; who am I?

Who am I? That question lies at the very heart of my identity and yours. And as I think about the solutions to the African challenges acknowledged in previous articles in the African Transformation series, I understand that it must all start with addressing the issue of identity. It must start with you and me. There is no African Transformation without yours and my transformation. It has to be a holistic transformation. We are the building blocks of this 900 million continental population.

I think the question of who or what is an African is one of the most hotly contested in the African Transformation agenda. Thabo Mbeki wrote his famous ‘I am an African’ poem which has gone on to achieve cult status. And in it he dealt with the issue of identity.

The issue of identity must be dealt with because before you establish what you will do in life, you need to know who you are. It informs why you do the things you do. Unfortunately, in our modern world, without knowing and being very comfortable in your identity, you will find that an identity will promptly be given to you. And you tend to become who they say you are because you begin to believe it. It won’t be long before you start acting the way someone carrying your identity should act. And do you know why? Because identity is closely tied to your self esteem.

I noticed something very strange. For most of my life, I have lived alone. It wasn’t until recently that I began to live with people from time to time. When I moved into my current pad, I found nothing in there, except a renovated and fresh-paint smelling house. Then I cleaned the place out and moved in with my furniture. I kept moving furniture around and buying more until I had satisfied myself that I had exactly the outcome I wanted. In other words, I didn’t rest until I felt like the place was more…me. Identity. Hold that thought. It’s about to get interesting.

Then I began to have visitors. They always use the guest bedroom. Of course I would go in every morning and greet them and make small talk before going to work. Overtime, I realized I didn’t want to go in there anymore. I felt strange. The place was changing into something else! It was no longer the same place! I began to gasp! My throat dried up! This couldn’t be happening! I needed a glass of water, quick! Somebody call 911! *Movie-type suspense music in the background!!!!* What was the problem? You want to know? Well, suddenly my place just didn’t feel like…me. Identity.

What am I trying to say? Whether you are conscious of it or not, you carry your own identity with you everywhere you go. And you recreate who you are on the inside on the outside. If you want to look at what is going on inside a person, just look at the environment they have created around themselves because your identity has an environment in which it needs to be nurtured and grow into more and more of itself. See the danger in that? An addict becomes more and more addicted because he keeps on recreating an environment that natures his addiction. Equally true, a musician becomes better and better at his art by recreating music everywhere. That is why both are where they are. People recreate their identities. There is a popular saying that when people move, they move with their clothes, furniture, vehicles and …rodents. Truer words have not been spoken.

In view of the foregoing, the issue of identity cannot be left to others to define for you. You will try to live your life in other people’s realities and will constantly try to be them. If you are lucky you will get frustrated to the point where you cast aside other people’s identities and mould your own. Only then will you begin to experience true satisfaction and make a positive impact as your Creator intended.

That is why, as you begin to evaluate your identity, you must look at that critical component of the process of forming one; self esteem. Let’s unpack this one.

According to Wikipedia, Self-esteem is a term in psychology to reflect a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth. It is conceptualized as an attitude toward the self and is similar to a judgment of oneself. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs (for example, “I am competent”, “I am worthy”) and emotions such as triumph, despair, pride and shame. The self-concept is what we think about the self; self-esteem, the positive or negative evaluations of the self, is how we feel about it’.

According to the above definition, and loosely, your self esteem is an evaluation of your identity. If who you think you are is evaluated by yourself in a negative way, you will have a low self esteem. If who you think you are is evaluated in a positive way, you will have a high self esteem. And we know that depending on the state of your self esteem, you can go near or far in life. If you believe you are not worthy it, you will begin to recreate that feeling on the outside and before long, you will be treated like you are not worthy it. Deep calls unto deep. Shallow never calls unto deep.

Depending on who you have defined yourself to be you can have a happy life or a depressed life. You can smile and have fun here and there but as long as the issue of your identity and therefore self esteem has not been settled, you will look for it in the wrong places and will constantly be frustrated. I have learnt to vigorously defend against anything that encroaches on my self esteem because it won’t be long before my evaluation of my identity becomes negative and before long I have to change into something I am not and that is not necessarily beneficial to me. My point is, we need to form our own identity based on a number of factors, form a healthy evaluation and opinion of that identity and use that confidence in ourselves to move forward in life, recreating that state of affairs in ourselves on the outside. We will then tend to attract more and more of what we have on the inside.

And so the question to be asked is, who are you? Who am I? What constitutes my identity? If I continue to hold the same opinion and evaluation of myself as I do, where am I likely to be five years from now? How about ten years? Am I going to have the kind of career I want? What about the kind of family I desire? What about my friends? Am I likely to go through life happy or depressed? And if you don’t like the answers you are getting my friend, it is time for a reality check. Check who or what is giving you your identity. Whose philosophy are you following? Is there an incident you are holding onto that is a source of a negative identity of yourself? Is it like a spring bringing forth bitter waters continuously and poisoning everything in your life?

As I wrap up this article let me bring it all together now. I love it when a plan comes together.

When the Europeans came to Africa, their ability to conquer Africans was based on their ability to convince us Africans that they were superior to us and therefore we needed to give up everything in order to try and be like them. As we gave up everything, including our resources, trying to be them, we woke up one day to find that we had lost our inheritance and up to now we are fighting to regain it. They messed with our identity until we loathed ourselves for being Africans. I heard a funny story about how the Europeans came and said to us, “Let’s close our eyes and pray.” When we opened our eyes, we had the bible and they had the land.

If you want to mess with a person, mess with their identity!

Therefore, as an African, the first place you want to start from is settling this issue that there is nothing wrong with being born on African soil. You are who you are. You can’t change that, even if you wanted to. Once you accept your African identity, and I am not necessarily saying African culture, you have started on the journey to Personal Development. As you go out there in the global village then, you are not afraid of being exterminated for being an African but you will proudly make a difference while telling them your surname is Mukonoweshuro!

Forming a true African identity, as opposed to forming an expedient African identity (as eloquently expounded and cleverly manipulated by politicians) and its role in the global village is the subject of part two of “Towards a True African Identity”.


I was chatting with my friend, Tapiwa, on Skype the other day and we ended up talking about how perfectly acceptable it was for a woman to date a man twice her age and for a man to date a woman ten or more years his senior in the UK, where he resides. I wanted to know why that was acceptable because, you have to understand, I live in an African society where such scenarios are taboo, so I asked him to explain.

He told me that in the western world, the medical, technological and psychological advances have released that society from limitation-based thinking when it comes to such issues. So I asked if the people who married in such conditions where as happy as any other and he answered in the positive. We ended the call cordially but I was left with lots of questions in my mind. Being the analyst that I am I began to create scenarios in my mind to try and understand why it was difficult for me to comprehend what my friend was saying, yet he was perfectly at peace with it and in fact would even encourage it as long as the two where consenting adults who were fully aware of what they were doing. There really is no law against such.

Jay and Hala

So I created two characters in my mind, call the gentleman Joconiah and the lady Halakasha. That way I know no one will say I am talking about them!

So Jay meets Hala and they take a liking to each other. The only problem is that Hala is 35 and Jay is 25. They are both aware of the African Secret Service (ASS) watching and waiting to pounce on them should they allow themselves to fall in love and go public with their affair. What to do, they ask themselves? They are convinced they have something beautiful going on and there is every conceivable kind of potential for them to help fulfill each other’s destinies but will their parents understand? What about their friends? Their church?

Deciding that the risk and the potential backlash from society are too much, they make the painful decision to terminate the relationship and wait for the right one to come. Again.

Do you know what has just happened here? Inhibition. They got inhibited by society from going for the prize that they both knew so well awaited them. And they lost out. If on the other hand Jay and Hala were to meet in a society like the UK as my friend tells me, they would go on to marry and live happily ever after and spend many evenings gazing at the setting sun together.

Continuing with my line of thought, I then asked myself a question. Is this fair, that society can actually determine where you can and cannot go whereas in another different society there is no such? And coming home to Africa, does being an African then limit me in doing certain things that my peers would be so liberated to do in the societies they are now living in? Where does that leave me? Am I disadvantaged by my motherland therefore? Should I just break rank with societal thinking and do what I know to be right or live in the safety of society’s acceptance, no boats being rocked while inside I am dying for adventure and to live out my dream to the fullest? What would I do if I were Jay?

Would I succumb to this animal, this beast, this dragon, this hobbit, this ghost called Inhibition?


Inhibition is the act of inhibiting, which in turn is defined as:

  1. To restrain from free or spontaneous activity especially through the operation of inner psychological or external social constraints
  2. To check or restrain the force or vitality of
  3. To reduce or suppress the activity of
  4. To retard or prevent the formation of
  5. To retard, interfere with, or prevent

The scenario discussed above is just one of many different kinds that society presents us with.

It is my strongly held opinion that when it comes to matters of your destiny, your dream and your vision, only you, ultimately are responsible for their coming to pass. People can encourage you, but only you can make your dreams come to pass. Only you can work in a focused way towards the realization of your goals; only you.

As a young boy or girl, you promised yourself certain things. You set certain goals for yourself. With time you grew up and became an adult. My question is; at what point did it dawn on you that it was never going to happen, because at that very moment you got inhibited. If you were to meet your younger self and have a heart to heart discussion, would you be able to look yourself in the eye and say, “I quit because there were too many inhibitors.”? If I where to say that to my younger self( captured in a green blazer, when I was 15 in the photo), I believe he would say something like this, “We don’t play here, we work here! I didn’t sign up for this, go back to work! We don’t play here!”

I believe that it is worth our while as human beings to retreat from all the business around us and have a candid discussion with ourselves to assess if at the rate we are going, we will ever accomplish our goals. While at it, we should also ask if we even still believe in ourselves and our dreams or we have stopped and are now just living, waiting for life to take us where it will. Have we been permanently inhibited by society? Failures? Partners? Workmates? Bosses? Broken hearts? Fear?

Why not invest some time on reflecting on that dream, that desire, that goal, that vision and why in the first place you wanted it? Rediscover your dream, your process and its importance to you. Yes, look at what has inhibited you so far but the best thing you can do is to remove yourself from that toxic environment inhibiting against the process taking you to your goal and if you can’t, then taking the inhibitors themselves out of your process and moving forward for, at the end of the day, you cannot suffer inhibition!

Sex Appeal

The sad thing about sex appeal is that it is one of the most misunderstood concepts.

Why do I say so?

Because generally the religious community will have nothing to do with it, let alone mention it verbally while secular society, especially the younger generation view it as a weapon of mass destruction.

And I am saying that is a very basic (mis)understanding of the concept. So, let’s unpack it.

Sexual Energy

Sex Appeal is simply the ‘oozing’ of Sexual Energy, which in turn, is that driving power, that dominating and creative force, that hungry and powerful drive, that passion and energy that would push us to be productive in life. And most frequently it is expressed through the physical act of sexual intimacy. For this reason, most people believe that sexual energy is measured solely by how often one engages in sexual activity. This is an erroneous assumption as it reduces sexual energy to the physical level only, without taking into account the emotional and spiritual aspects involved, yet it is precisely those factors and not just the physical energy, that give sexual energy its massive power.

That sex has energy behind it cannot be disputed.  See, sexual energy can be controlled and subdued for a time but its very nature causes it to be ever seeking means of expression of which the most common one is sexual intimacy. But this is by far under-utilising the massive resources available in this kind of energy.

To understand the power of sexual energy, just look at the entire entertainment industry. Virtually everything that goes on in there is usually marketed as sexy or using sex appeal.

Man’s Eternal Quest to please his Woman

From the beginning of time, man has always sought to please his woman. A man would risk limp and life hunting wild and vicious beasts and bring them to the doorstep of his wife just to hear her acknowledge him and tell him how awesome he was! These days, men no longer go fearlessly into the bushes to confront elephants, buffaloes and bush bucks but they definitely go into the marketplace to get the same result. And what is the one thing they always end up looking for to be the cherry on top of their accomplishments? In most cases, a beautiful woman. A lot of guys who are honest will tell you that they want that sports car so that they can be a chick magnet. Donald Trump, on one of his “The Apprentice” shows stated, “Sex has cost me a lot of money.”

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states, “It is this inherent desire of a man to please a woman, which gives a woman the power to make or break a man.” and in another place, “The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability. Destroy the sex glands, whether in man or beast, and you have removed the major source of action. For proof of this, observe what happens to any animal after it has been castrated. A bull becomes as docile as a cow after it has been altered sexually. Sex alteration takes out of the male, whether man or beast, all the FIGHT that was in him. Sex alteration of the female has the same effect.

There are now over 7 billion human beings on the face of the planet and regardless of whether your views are creationist or evolutionist you know that it all started with a pair. This fact alone demonstrates the tremendous power of sexual energy.

 “A man may attain to great heights of financial or business achievement, solely by the driving force of sex energy…” Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

Why is Sexual Energy Important?

The power of sexual energy lies in its ability to inspire serious creativity and a strong work ethic, when properly harnessed.

According to Napoleon Hill, who is regarded as an expert on the subject, sex energy is the creative energy of every genius. There never has been, and never will be a great leader, builder, or artist lacking in this driving force.

The difference between geniuses and the rest lies in their ability to focus and stimulate their mind through the creative faculty of imagination, which in turn is driven by sexual energy. Other drivers of imagination include mind altering substances, love, music, fear, autosuggestion and so on. But in terms of effectiveness and power, none matches sexual energy.

The mere possession of this energy is not sufficient to produce a genius. The energy must be transmuted from desire for physical contact or intimacy into some other form of desire and action. This can in turn be music, art, building wealth, etc.

What Napoleon Hill calls “Sex Transmutation” is the act of building up, storing and channeling sexual energy into one’s work, business and life performance. Doing so allows one to accomplish a level of focus and creativity that would be impossible if sexual energy was simply thrown out via excessive and directionless sexual release.

According to Adolph K. Reekie, the fall of the Roman Empire was largely attributed to its own decadence. Its leaders fell because they were drained of their energy through excessive promiscuity, allowing them to become weak and easily conquered.

Using Sexual Energy Intelligently

By intelligently reserving and delegating your sexual energy, you will have more energy, be more creative, be more focused and concentrated, perform better in your workout, attract more positive people socially, get more work and play done than you would otherwise have imagined.

The key is finding the right goals. Sexual Energy is most effective when focused on activities that improve your chances of fulfilling sexual desires. Anything that makes you more powerful, dominant and confident is a good place to start. This would usually be in one of 3 areas; working out, developing a creative talent and building wealth.

According to experts, goals that appeal to your personal preference and involve creative expression, complex strategy, or the expectation of a large payout in the future are ideal.

The way I see it, a lot of people are in their jobs to pay their bills but the jobs themselves hardly elicit the use of sexual energy. What this implies is that since bills need to be paid, work will still have to be done efficiently but we need to embark on other projects into which we can channel this tremendous resource so that instead of existing we start living! And in those areas, we have a real chance at making a huge impact through focusing our sexual energies.