Has Africa’s time finally come?

Africa RisingAlbert Einstein, the father of modern physics came up with the theory of relativity, which at its finest, resulted in man landing on the moon.

A simple definition of this theory in our practical day to day living is that we see things relative to the others. In other words, if the chicken crosses the road, did the chicken really cross the road or the road moved under the chicken.

Or, if Chuck Norris does push ups, is he really moving up and down or, in his awesomeness, he pushes the earth down and up?!

We have also made much of the fact that some people are light and others dark but the only reason the light ones are light is because of the presence of the dark ones and vice versa. If we were all one colour, there would neither be black, white, yellow, navy blue, etc.; we would just be human.

And this is where I drive my point home. Isaac Newton said that if he had seen further, it was because he had stood on the shoulder of giants.

We are what we are and where we are as a result of the global effort of different nationalities and races. No one race or nationality can claim credit for everything it possesses. That is why any approach that is based on segregation ultimately crumbles; we were never meant to function, as human beings in a vacuum.

Throughout history, we have seen the rise of different kingdoms, from the Jewish, Persian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, British,Japanese, German, American and to now the Chinese Empire. The question is, which empire was better and can say all it has was a result of nothing but its own isolated technology, philosophy and science?

All these empires, kingdoms and nationalities are were they are because of what their predecessors passed on to them.

The world has become a global village and the world is moving towards integration. Every people, race, nationality and continent must sit at the global table and present what its contribution is to the advancement of human kind, but while that is happening, let not one say to the other we are better than you and we don’t need you. Remember, did the chicken cross the road or the road crossed the chicken. Wait; even if it crossed the road, another chicken gave birth to that chicken and most likely that chicken is a result of generations of cross breeds. So ultimately, does it matter that this particular chicken finally crossed the road, or the fact that the chicken race, represented by this chicken, finally crossed the road?

If we all reach out and try to find each other, and our various contributions towards our future as humanity, there would be less wars, hunger and starvation in the world.

Let us celebrate our diversity and recognise each other as equals; none superior; none inferior. If inequalities persist, they must be corrected, not because of inferiority or superiority but simply because of humanity.

The fact that I was born earlier than my daughter, who is four months old, does not mean I can brag and say I know more than her and therefore I am smarter. Maybe one day she will prove to be smarter than I am; its just a matter of time.

My last thought is this; we have learnt that a seed can withstand all sorts of punishing physical elements, without dying or germinating, but dormant because the conditions are not yet right. In this case, chronological time does not actually matter nor say anything; it’s all about the conditions not being hospitable or right for it to germinate. All it takes is one day,when the rain falls, for that same seed to turn into a tree. The trees that germinated long before this one can therefore not say, this one was weaker; it all had to do with the timing (kairos) and not the kronos (time).

This perspective is critical in understanding humanity.

It explains why empires rose when they rose and fell when they did but it was not all about who is the smarter people.

Much has been said about Africa and Africans being sleeping giant but we have not had such unprecedented focus on us before, for economic reasons. Ten of the thirteen fastest growing economies are in Africa.

We have leading innovators and some of the word’s richest people hailing from Africa. Even through the ages, our contribution to society has been remarkable already. But has Africa’s kronos finally come? Is it now the season of the rise of the African Game Changer?

And this is my understanding of Einstein’s theory of relativity, from a layman’s perspective.


The Origins of Evil

LightIn physics, we learn that you can’t measure “cold” but you can definitely measure “heat”. In other words, cold is defined relative to heat, for it is the absence of heat.

That explains why you have subzero temperatures like -30 degrees, etc. So the cold is not exactly an entity by itself in that it cannot exist alongside heat. The moment heat is introduced, the cold vanishes. While we have sources of heat, can you tell me what the source of cold is?

The same concept is seen with light and darkness. Light has a source but who can tell me what the source of darkness is? I can tell you what the sources of light are; the sun, electricity bulbs, candles, etc, but what is that one thing that broadcasts or emits darkness?

However, the moment the light goes out,darkness pervades. So darkness is not an active entity; light is. Darkness is simply the absence of light. While we can measure light, we can’t measure darkness. Why? Because darkness is actually, simply, the absence of light.

Lastly, what happens when the sun “goes” down? You are right, the earth simply moves away from the source of light and becomes dark and cold. But there is actually no source of darkness or cold i.e some dark sun that emits darkness and cold as part of the 24 hour rotation of the earth.

So it is with evil. Did God create evil, since He is the Creator of everything and in Him all things consist? A resounding no!

How come then, we have evil in this world? What are the origins of evil?

Well, I will tell you my opinion. Evil was not created; it is simply the result of the absence of the light and heat of an entity called The Creator.

Whenever, anyone or anything turns away from the righteousness and light that the Source, namely God, emits, the result is a state of being called evil. Evil is only defined in relation to good and God is that Source of good, light and righteousness.

That explains why, when lucifer turned away from God, he transformed into satan. God created lucifer but he never created satan. satan was a result of lucifer turning away from the light and heat of God’s love and righteousness.

Turning away from the light of God and subsequently becoming evil was a choice that lucifer and his angels made, out of their own freewill and they became who they became. What they decided to do with their new state of separation from the Source of light was their choice and as a result, we have evil pervading the world.

The same applies to man. When we turn away from God, evil is the result. What we see in this world, are just manifestations of evil but if I were to ask you to define evil, you would give me examples of evil but not evil itself, and do you know why? Because evil is the absence of God’s light and righteousness.

This explains why things that we might not consider evil, or that we might not see why they are wrong could still be regarded as evil by God. It has got nothing to do, per se, with the deed itself but everything to do with the absence of God’s righteousness.

And when a person turns to the Source of light, namely God, through Jesus Christ, they experience the light of God and evil has to depart. That explains why there is righteousness, healing, love, forgiveness and prosperity in Christ. So the important thing here is that everyone has a choice to embrace the Light and stay warm and in the light, or turn away and face the coldness of darkness. And we know what to expect in the darkness. There is a reason satan is referred to as the prince of darkness.

So then, here is the conclusion, as I see it:

Evil is the absence of God’s Righteousness.

By Raymond Kasinganeti.

( Thoughts distilled from the God on Trial Series at City Life Church in a sermon by Adrian Wright, subsequent discussions with, Lindi Zulu and my own understanding of physics)